IACS ROs joining consultation

Hire a specialist or an expert – or just an extra

Within the areas of management systems, whether this being safety management, environmental protection, work environment, quality control, process control etc., the need for extra manpower and resources for a limited time often occurs. In certain cases and at some times one may want to have a specialist or expert to assist with inspection, reporting, advice, training etc. This can be in connection with a particular project or just to have a professional with another viewpoint. During the pre-investigation of how to implement a management system, or during the actual project or during completion – or post monitoring of how it adds value or benefits, we will at any stage be able to provide exactly the competence you are looking for – and as always, adding value to you and your organization at the right price on the right time. Being in shipping industry for almost years enabled our team to gain well established wide range efficient specialized abilities to be proposed for our clients on first class services basis. Should you have the need to have this extra resource, give us a call or send us an e-mail and let us know, what you want – or even better: what results you are aiming at, and we will be able to have a solution for you. We may have the specialist working with us, or we may know exactly where to find the competence you are looking for, from one of our coverage consultation scopes.


If you can recognize some of the problems listed below, we are able to assist and help streamline your work with documents and reports. When you do not have a document control system, but you know that you probably need one, and you don't want to spend too much time or money - and you want to do it the right way the first time. When you would like or need to apply for approval and certification within ISM, ISPS, SOPEP, ISO-14001, ISO-9000, or similar and you want to do it, the most efficient way. When you have the certification in place and you have made all the necessary documentation, but you or your company spends too much effort, time and money in keeping it updated - and sometimes that fails, too. When you have an electronic QSMS, but it does not give you the benefits that you expected . When you have made all the documents for certification ready, but you need to organize them in order to distribute them easily to all involved parties. When you have all documents in place and you need remote assistance upon cases or potential projects preparation for fixing contract

For further information and scopes please refer to the following


Within almost all codes and standards, it is a major component, that checks are performed to see if the implemented systems work in “real life”. Improvements cannot take place unless; it is known what the current status is. Tools for measurement and registration are essential for improvements. These checks are normally carried out as audits, where employees and players within the limits described in the systems are interviewed. Auditors will always look for objective evidence to prove, that there is a connection between the written procedure / instruction, and what is really done. Auditors will make reports of all areas and points, where there seems to be objective evidence, that there is a mismatch between the written procedure and the "live" procedure. The auditors will provide a report describing how the audit was performed, and all mismatches will be described in Non-Conformity reports (abbreviated as: “NC reports”). Prior to any audit the scope of the audit shall be determined and agreed. The scope can be auditing the documentation, specific procedures, a department, a work or process flow, customer complaint handling, report flow, communication, appearance etc. The report from an audit is one of the best tools for any management to improve business performance, quality, safety, and environmental control. The audit reports should never be used for pinpointing scapegoats, but only for identifying weak points, that can be and should be improved. Basic main issues in all of the code driven systems are improvement, sharing of experience, and positive communication – learn and act.

1-Company familiarization for ISM Code implementation DOC preparations
2-Vessel familiarization for ISM Code implementation SMC preparations
3-Third party DOC audit
4-Third Party SMC audit
5-Pre-P&I joining Preparations
6-Pre-P&I Audit

7-Pre-Underwriters joining preparation

8-Pre-Underwriter Audit
9-Claims handling
10-Condition survey
11-Pre-class joining third party inspection


SOLAS, MARPOL, MLC, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001

1- SOLAS firefighting training manual.
2- Maintenance plan for FFE .LSA.OPP
3- ISM SMS Manual
5- ETB
9- MLC 2006 Manual
10-Risk Assessment
11- MDSS
12- BWMP
13- GMP
14- RPW
15- ISO 9001/2015 QMS
16-ISO 14001/2015 EMS
17-OHSAS 18001 OHSM


- Deck and Engine spare parts including FFE/OPP/LSA. We cover spare parts via well reputable worldwide suppliers & manufacturers Who have well reputable background in shipping industry.
- Marine lubricants & Industry Lubricants.
- Marine chemicals & Industry Chemicals.
- Pneumatic Yokohama Fenders ABS/GL DNV/BV /LR approved.
- Thickness measurements /NDT /Low location light /IACS ROs approved
- Naval architecture via accredited engineers and designers.
- Underwater inspection, surveys, repairs/ IACS ROs approved.